A short note on love~

Tlovehere is a love within me that is boundless. My heart is a rare one, and it is fierce. At the drop of a hat, I fall in love. Mostly with the way someone feels.. not physically, to me, but the way they feel themselves– the way they think their thoughts and sing their song. Also with objects and beautiful things… the smell of rain, a perfect cup of coffee, vulnerable conversations with brilliant humans. But I am most myself when I am present in these moments, seeing you and how you are, and being with you when you are most yourself. I am more myself through the eyes of someone else, when the lines between where you start and where I end, begin to fade– when I look into your eyes and then they become my eyes, and we are both seeing. It happens in milliseconds with a stranger in a bookstore, or when we pass by each other on the street. Over and over again, I fall in love. When I notice that you have a scar and that you have pain too, just like me. When I watch the way you put on shoes, or the way you tie up your hair. Every time I see you, I fall in love. I might never actually get to know you, but in some strange way I feel that I’ve read the story of your life and somehow it makes me feel okay about this whole “living” thing. I might never actually get to hold your hand, but still, we are all just walking each other home.

Alice: “How long is forever?”

White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second.”


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