Less doing, more being. Less talking, more seeing.

Inspired by my latest Facebook stalking endeavors, I kept having the “less doing, more being” mantra come into my mind. Social media outlets have become a source of complaining and a vessel to air out our dirty laundry to the world and apparently I have quite a few “friends” that love to do this. I have firm beliefs that the less we TALK about our “feelings” the more clearly we can view the emotional process of what we are compelled to rant about in the first place. We can attain more clarity about ourselves the more that we choose to turn inward and just be with whatever unsettling thought or emotion arises instead of projecting them outward into the world.

This leads me to touch on the topic of meditation. I love to be an advocate for Vipassana style meditation, (you know, the tedious and frustrating method where you sit with unwavering perfect posture, and focus only on the sensation of your breath) but the truth is, I go weeks and even months without “sitting”. However, from my own personal experience I can say with confidence that this need to whine and complain that has become so wired in our mentality decreases. Everything begins to seem more clear, more simple, and the solutions to our everyday problems seem less complex.

The basic gist of Vipassana meditation, or mindfulness meditation, is to be aware of all sensations throughout the body without judging them or shifting your focus, simply just being with them while maintaining focus on your natural breath. Then turning your focus to the most minute, miniscule yet conceivable point of breath and sensation that you can, and continuing to go back to this point of focus despite the constant uprising of mental chatter.

I found a great post from Urban Monk on Vipassana style meditation for beginners. Check it out here:


Despite my “anti-complaining” campaign, I am human and I do enjoy the occasional “In your face” rants. However, I think we can all benefit from becoming a little more private with our emotions, and learn to retrain our brains to develop the urge to turn inward instead of projecting outward, because really, do we need to know how horrible your ex is? 😉



Hello world!

Finally, the time has come for me to compile my random and jumbled thoughts into one super magnificent but completely amateur “Blog”. Starting from just sporadic Facebook status rants with no direction, this blog will document my evolution of writing into full fledged posts. I have decided to put a little more thought and perhaps a little more length into my writing, hoping to be a source of inspiration for others, and an outlet of creativity for myself.