Attention Heterosexuals: We Want To Be Miserable Too!

It was only yesterday that I started this blog. While I knew I definitely wanted to discuss various topics on homosexuality, I didn’t think I’d be going there so soon. Everyone and their mom loves talking about gay marriage nowadays. One question that I keep hearing over and over is “Why do gay people want to be a part of an institution that doesn’t recognize them?”. I have been asked this by some of the most open and liberal thinkers that I know.

It seems that the first idea that people first jump to when they hear the topic of gay marriage is that gay couples want some sort of fairy tale wedding, united by God, in a church, the whole nine yards. And while I’m sure that is the case for many people, the majority of same-sex couples want to be married for the simple reason of having equal rights. It isn’t about wanting to be apart of an institution that calls us an “abomination”, it is about fair treatment. I always love stressing that this isn’t a GAY issue, it is a HUMAN issue. It is more about ethics than anything else. There are 1,138 protections and rights that are granted to straight married couples. Here is a link to the Human Rights Campaign where they list just a few of the federal benefits granted to heterosexual married couples:

So why not a civil union? While a civil union does offer some benefits within the state that you obtained it in, it does not offer protection from state to state, or allow joint tax claims, and denies many health benefits that a marriage license can provide. Lawinfo has a great simple breakdown of the differences between marriage and civil unions. Check it out here:

We are constantly being programmed. Every second of every day our brains are taking in information and deciphering whether or not we agree or disagree, whether it is right or wrong, so it is no surprise that a vast majority of our citizens agree that gay marriage should not be legalized when they are constantly being pumped full of information that it is sinful and goes against the bible. For anyone who questions the biblical interpretations on homosexuality, I highly recommend For the Bible Tells Me So. It is a very entertaining and informative documentary. You can watch it for free here: 

I could probably write a thousand more points and debate endlessly about gay marriage. However, I have limited time and I would like to spend it watching TV with my beautiful girlfriend. You know, like straight couples do? 😉

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