Less doing, more being. Less talking, more seeing.

Inspired by my latest Facebook stalking endeavors, I kept having the “less doing, more being” mantra come into my mind. Social media outlets have become a source of complaining and a vessel to air out our dirty laundry to the world and apparently I have quite a few “friends” that love to do this. I have firm beliefs that the less we TALK about our “feelings” the more clearly we can view the emotional process of what we are compelled to rant about in the first place. We can attain more clarity about ourselves the more that we choose to turn inward and just be with whatever unsettling thought or emotion arises instead of projecting them outward into the world.

This leads me to touch on the topic of meditation. I love to be an advocate for Vipassana style meditation, (you know, the tedious and frustrating method where you sit with unwavering perfect posture, and focus only on the sensation of your breath) but the truth is, I go weeks and even months without “sitting”. However, from my own personal experience I can say with confidence that this need to whine and complain that has become so wired in our mentality decreases. Everything begins to seem more clear, more simple, and the solutions to our everyday problems seem less complex.

The basic gist of Vipassana meditation, or mindfulness meditation, is to be aware of all sensations throughout the body without judging them or shifting your focus, simply just being with them while maintaining focus on your natural breath. Then turning your focus to the most minute, miniscule yet conceivable point of breath and sensation that you can, and continuing to go back to this point of focus despite the constant uprising of mental chatter.

I found a great post from Urban Monk on Vipassana style meditation for beginners. Check it out here:


Despite my “anti-complaining” campaign, I am human and I do enjoy the occasional “In your face” rants. However, I think we can all benefit from becoming a little more private with our emotions, and learn to retrain our brains to develop the urge to turn inward instead of projecting outward, because really, do we need to know how horrible your ex is? 😉



10 thoughts on “Less doing, more being. Less talking, more seeing.

  1. I don’t know much about meditation, but I do agree that people are using social media outlets to complain about their lives… a little too much. I try not to post negative stuff… although sometimes I just can’t help but to vent about how frustrating it is to get your car broken into. And sometimes it is a nice feeling when people sympathize with you, or make a suggestion as to how to change your attitude about the subject. Such as ” Hey just be happy you didn’t walk into the middle of the break in, and then possibly have gotten mugged or hurt as well”.

    So it most definitely has it’s perks.
    But, people do abuse it.
    And I’m sure if you want to play the victim, what better way to do it than with 12 likes on your side?

  2. Oh an one more thing, it is always better to go inwards. The answer is always in your heart. but it’s a lot more instant and easier to let it out through your mouth or a post. I mean do you really expect people to practice patience when all they want is instant gratification? 😉

  3. love love love this! I would like to add though, if we are starting an anti-complating campaign, me might as well star an anti-judging campaign, even if the thoughts are inward 🙂

  4. If only it was that easy to meditate. Complaining is like a drug, you get instant gratification from the people who agree with you, but it doesn’t solve the root problem, the reason why you are complaining anyway. I find that when I meditate, without the use of mantra or w/e, almost every thought I have is a complaint or an irritation. But I guess it’s better to keep trying and get to the root of it.

    1. Yes, I agree. Meditating is not easy at all. However, it’s through discovering the process of being completely dedicated to something outside of ourselves where we can learn to recognize that complaining is just unnecessary or even judgment for that matter. None of it is easy. Spiritual growth in itself is difficult; it’s not the easy rode. It’s much EASIER to be wrapped up in our stories and to complain and vent. The point is to continuously seek to grow, even when we fall off the path for a while. Always try.

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